Monday, 9 February 2015

Diet and weight loss Promoted by Vintage-Style RAMBUTAN Fruit Studio in Kiev

Yaroslav Galant completed the planning and development of Kiev’s 1st fruit shop entitled RAMBUTAN fruit studio. Its antique style is said to reinforce the concept of a “clubbing-like atmosphere regarding adherents of a healthy lifestyle”. Rambutan offers guests opportunities to try out fresh fruit, smoothies, green salads, jams or wine, but in addition to learn about the benefits of any fruit-based diet. Bright chair and Wi-Fi invite friends to have a rest, communicate enabling their tastes buds sense pampered.

The first hall plays host to visitors with rare types of fruit on display. It truly is here that they will also discover any wine bar and wine bottle coolers with salads and smoothies. Pedestals from old bins with labels of the global fruit importers are included with snow-white “napkins” created from an artificial stone Corian. The refrigerators hidden in bins maintain individual temperature for every single of the presented fruit. The particular shop-window of the second hallway causes associations with a antique drugstore which instead of blends and tablets offers vivid and tasty fruit : the best means for treatment and also prevention when it comes to most health problems.


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